2024 Indiana Homeschool Volleyball
State Championships

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2024 Indiana Homeschool Volleyball State Championships
Saturday, September 21, 2024
SportONE Parkview Fieldhouse
3946 Ice Way – Fort Wayne, Indiana


Registration opens
July 22, 2024.
(See link below.)
Registration closes September 1.


Varsity – $250
Junior Varsity – $230
Junior High – $200


Morning: Pool Play (3 pool play matches, 2 sets each even if split)

Afternoon: Tournament Play

Visitor Info

Welcome to Fort Wayne! We are excited that you and your team/family are here! Hopefully this information is helpful when planning your trip and while attending the tournament.

SportONE Parkview Fieldhouse: 3946 Ice Way, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808

Date: September 21, 2024

Cash Only
We are currently set up to only accept cash at our tournament for admissions, T-shirts, and concessions. Please plan accordingly. There is an ATM onsite if needed.

If staying in Fort Wayne, we recommend you stay near one of these exits near I-69:
Exit 302 Jefferson Blvd.
Exit 311 Lima Road This exit is closest to SportONE.
Exit 312 Coldwater Road
Exit 316 Dupont Road
There is also a hotel right next to SportONE as well as across from the Memorial Coliseum (1.5 miles down the road). They are both in recommended areas.

We recommend that you DO NOT stay in the hotels near Exit 309. This is not a family friendly area of town.

The regular parking lot/main entrance to the Fieldhouse is on the north side of the building. The back side/south side of the building is a rehabilitation business separate from the Fieldhouse. Do not use the rear entrance to the building, and please leave parking spaces open near the backside of the building for the rehab patients.

There is a Tim Horton’s, Skyline Chili, a hotel, and a gas station that are all nearby and have parking lot space. Except for the hotel, please feel free to use open spaces as long as there is ample space for their regular customers to park. We do not have permission to park at the hotel.

There is an Icehouse southwest of the Fieldhouse. They have events happening during our tournament, so please leave their spaces open for their events.

Immediately across Lima Road from the Fieldhouse is Glenbrook Commons, and there is a lot of parking there. We will not “recommend” parking there because it would mean crossing a very busy street. You may park there at your own risk. If anyone chooses to park there, it is recommended that drivers drop their passengers at the Fieldhouse before parking, and please be extremely careful when crossing the street.

Entrance fees will be $10 per adult. Seniors (65+) and Students (11-18) are $5 each. Ages 10 and under are free. Maximum fee of $30 for families living in the same household.

Outside Food/Drink
Large coolers are prohibited in the facility. Small, personal, lunch-sized coolers are discouraged, but we understand some players and fans may have dietary restrictions. Players may also want to bring in their own types of food. Personal coolers should be kept with their owners at all times. We understand that many fans bring outside drinks into the facility, and our desire is not to be the drink police. However, this is volleyball, and drinks can spill very easily without proper containment. Please have secure lids on all drinks that make their way to the court area.

Our concession stand will be open all day. Typical concession food will be available. As a reminder, concessions are cash only.

We have bleachers for each court. You are welcome to bring stadium seats/chairs that attach the to the bleachers. Please do not leave chairs sitting empty on bleachers. We discourage fans from bringing lawn/bag chairs, but if you choose to bring them, please do not set them in front of bleachers. They must be in line with or behind the front edge of the nearby bleachers. It is our priority to keep our players safe and to keep walking areas clear for fans/players. If an official or volunteer asks you to move your chair for the safety of the players, please do so.

Fan Etiquette
We ask that players, coaches, line judges, officials, and other fans are respected during the tournament both on and off the court. Anyone who violates these guidelines is subject to being asked to leave the tournament.

Please, do not walk along any of the curtains to get to your desired court. Players and fans must walk on the bleacher edges of the courts to move from court to court.

Noise Makers
Your hands and your voice are enough! Please do not bring noise makers of any kind to the tournament. You will be asked to return your noisemaker to your vehicle if you bring one along. Along with that, please do not pound on the walls of the building.

T-Shirt Sales
A limited number of T-shirts will be available for purchase (not at pre-sale prices) once all teams have picked up and confirmed their orders for accuracy.